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Operetta for a voice


Tu Shihue
Operetta for a voice
Trip on island / Playbox Ensemble Theatre
Stage direction’s notes (excerpts)

What is a lonely man on an island ? What island is it about? How does he talk and what does he want to talk about? About a catastrophe which compelled him to wander in a desert and isolated island as the Daniel Defoe’s Robinson? About a terrible island which maintains criminals into jail? About an entertaining island as a Disneyland that tourists use to visit? Or just about a toy that a child plays with on the back of a motion car? Or merely nothing about the island but rather about a man’s inside loneliness? From macrocosm to microcosm like from microcosm to macrocosm, to bring a unique impression, a same idea about this floating but fixed island, at hands but inaccessible.

The second title “operetta for one voice” is a way to present a deepened form from a monologue that has always interested me. For a monologue, the most difficult is to set what the locator is going to talk about and how he is going to do. Rhythms and musical melodies generate by themselves a kind of language and out of the visual characteristics of the light, décor and costumes, I also wanted to fill the narration of a dialogue between dramatic text and songs.

Auteur: Tu Shihue
Tu Shihue

Tu Shihue is graduated from the Sarah Lawrence College of New York and she also benefited from the British Council Arts Scholarship. Tu Shihue wrote, staged and sometimes interpreted a dozen of creations. Three plays have already been published until now – Breakfast for one people (2002), A trip on island ~ operetta for a voice (2003), Road Kill (2007) – and an essay- Monologue interpretation (2008) – which is the only work in Chinese language made for this topic  to date.