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Théâtre Municipal de Sens

31 Mar. 2015

  • 18H15
Le Nouveau Relax de Chaumont

03 Apr. 2015

  • 19H45
Centre culturel Action Sud de Nismes Sambre et Meuse

07 Apr. 2015

  • 19H45

Han Han | Shao Ze-hui



Reminiscent of a road movie, this show recounts the peregrinations, doubts, hopes and anger of a young provincial journalist who decides, a year before the events of Tiananmen Square, to leave his city, his job, his family and his friends to go on a journey on an old bus, in search of a better life. The play is an adaptation of I want to talk with this world, a contemporary Chinese novel written by Han Han, one of the most popular young Chinese writers.



Script : Han Han

Dramaturgy and stage direction : Shao Ze-hui

Performance : Cao Li-yin, Chai Zhong-si, Qin Feng, Qin Zhen

Light : Yang Xiao-guang

Executive production, interpreter and tour manager : Wang Jing.


Production : Studio U

  • © Denis Rion
  • © Denis Rion
  • © Denis Rion