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The city of distorsion


La Comète

04 Apr. 2014

  • 20H30
Théâtre Louis Jouvet de Rethel

08 Apr. 2014

  • 20H30
Espace Athic d'Obernai

12 Apr. 2014

  • 20H30
Théâtre de La Madeleine de Troyes

15 Apr. 2014

  • 20H30
Le Nouveau Relax de Chaumont

17 Apr. 2014

  • 20H30

Möbius Strip Theatre

The city of distorsion


Composed by different countries and cultures (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia), since 2005, Möbius Strip Theatre has developed an artistic and philosophic approach marked by a mix of arts and a reshaping of the humanism idea. The logo is a thin tape that makes a half a turn twist before its two extremities get connected: this symbolizes the perpetual cyclic movement. We are indeed pulled into unlimited extension, the endless possible, the mix of the refine and the vulgar, the old and the new, which abolish fence and borders.

Elaborated through dance and music, unique to Taiwanese aborigines, through electronic music and numeric arts, The city of distortion targets our contemporary society inebriated by a faster and faster technological evolution to remind us that some kind of wisdom and civilizations still exist and that we would be wrong to erase or ignore them.

The show is populated by projected silhouettes, numeric images and electronic music. Everything is generated in real time by the interpreters’ movements and voices. Thus little by little, the stage becomes a place where space reconciles with time in the harmony of the large traditional Chinese drums with the bewitching spiritual songs of the Taiwanese aborigines.

Technical and cultural wonders melt into a unique entity. They are made to talk and flourish together. So is the ambition of the company, already famous in many Asiatic and European festivals.


Artistic director : Jinyao Lin

Artistic council : Wai-yuen Cheung

Performance : Wai-yuen Cheung (texte), Yung-huai Huang (danse), Dondon Hounwn (chant), Chih-lin Huang, Huey-yi Leong (percussions) 

Lights : Ting-tsung Ho

Managment : Chih-hsin Ho

Administration : Cordelia Yang

Direction of the tour and interpreting Hsin-yi Chang

Infos : http://www.facebook.com/mobiusstriptheatre


Production : Möbius Strip Theatre

To know more

Over the past few years, Möbius Strip Theatre dedicated itself to a theatre so-called “physical” in order to focus on the study of the relationship between spirit and soul. From this opportunity they made great discoveries regarding style and esthetic. The multidisciplinary group suggests a challenge to the audience by inviting them to leave aside their trend to use the intellect during the show and to rather think with senses.

Tu Shihue – Revue from the Foundation for Taiwanese Culture and Arts