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Break O


Espace Athic d'Obernai

14 Jan. 2014

  • 20H30
Le Théâtre d'Auxerre

17 Jan. 2014

  • 14H30
  • 20H30
Centre culturel Action Sud de Nismes Sambre et Meuse

19 Jan. 2014

  • 15H00
ABC de Dijon

21 Jan. 2014

  • 14H30
  • 20H30
Théâtre Jean Vilar de Revin

24 Jan. 2014

  • 20H45
Théâtre Louis Jouvet de Rethel

26 Jan. 2014

  • 15H00

27 Jan. 2014

  • 10H00
  • 14H30
MJC Calonne de Sedan

28 Jan. 2014

  • 20H30

29 Jan. 2014

  • 10H00
Théâtre Municipal de Sens

31 Jan. 2014

  • 20H30
Manège de Givet

02 Feb. 2014

  • 15H00

03 Feb. 2014

  • 10H00
  • 14H30

To R mansion

Break O


Founded in 2004 by the circassian Hanabi Uwanosora, the current artistic director, the group to R mansion gathered artists who play with gestural arts as mime, acrobatics, dance and clown work. Break O is a pun between Japanese and English which means: let’s go party and forget the rules! The pronunciation is exactly the same in Japanese and illustrates perfectly the slapstick, the sense of the absurd and the pop’ arts fantasy which his typically Japanese. The drama group works on the stage as much as on every Japanese public places, to please young and older people. to R mansion is, indeed, one the most appreciated artistic group in Japan. Regularly invited by the most important Asiatic street arts festivals and recent author of a musical show for young audience committed by Za-Koenji theatre of Tokyo, this talented and touching company got the major prize of the "Biennal des arts de la rue de Kobe" in 2007.


Artistic director : Hanabi Uwanosora

Performance : Hanabi Uwanosora, Kayo Nozaki, Yujiro Marumoto, Daisuke Ito, Erina Nagai

Scenography : Aoi Noguchi

Lights : Takehiko Maruyama

Costumes : Mizumi Nakanishi

Photos : Masami Suzuki

Poster : Golzopocci

Infos : tormansion.com - www.facebook.com/events/284543698261032


Production : to R mansion, Phoenix Kojima

To know more

The strength of this happy company is in her permanent creativity and clear statement which please every audience. Extremely funny or subtly disturbing!

Le Monde

In the street as on the stage, Break O brings always the same reactions. Whatever the age or the nationality, everybody smiles, laughs and lives this refreshing and off-beat spectacle with surprise and intensity.

La Provence