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I remember


Théâtre Louis Jouvet de Rethel

15 Oct. 2013

  • 10H00
  • 14H30

Kim-Pernelle Eun-young

I remember


Trained at the Ecole des Arts de la marionnette de Charleville Mézières, puppeteer Kim-Pernelle Eun-young , of Korean origins, greatly contributed to renew the art of puppet mastery. She proves it again with this poetic and moving creation. On stage, Eun-young turns the pages of a gigantic book of memories in pop-ups – memories of her childhood. The figures are in paper and move on top of the open book. Her animated narrative, reminiscent of Perec’ Je me souviens (I remember), is delightfully simple and evocative.  

In the course of these lively scenes, the puppeteer conjures up images of her past in the Seoul of the sixties: her brothers who went to the well to collect water, the games with her classmates, the preparation of the Kimch’I, secret weapon for cooking but also for the war, the Red Army, the separations... All the fondness of childhood is lived again through the magic of this paper theatre. A life told on the tip of the fingers, with delicate virtuosity. 


Conception : Kim-Pernelle Eun-young

Performance : Kim-Pernelle Eun-young et Estelle Baggs

Piano and accordion : Floran Theault

Setting : Kim-Pernelle Eun-young, Sofia Botelho et Régis Boquillon

Lights : Estelle Baggs.