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To follow our dreams


Le Théâtre d'Auxerre

15 May. 2014

  • 20H30
Théâtre Louis Jouvet de Rethel

18 May. 2014

  • 15H00
MJC Calonne de Sedan

20 May. 2014

  • 20H30
Théâtre de La Madeleine de Troyes

22 May. 2014

  • 20H30

Mix Acrobatics Theater

To follow our dreams


Trained at the Ecole de Cirque de Taipei, from the National Arts University of Taiwan, the young company Mix Acrobatics Theater suggests an interdisciplinary and urban vision of the circus spectacle. The company bears a dramatic virtuosity and works with a constant scenographic creativity which nourishes traditional circus arts as much as current music, urban dances, theatre or numerical arts. The young artists distinguish themselves from the usual circus production by inventing a new circus as stunning as the new generation is.


Artistic director : Kuo-wei Chang, assisté de Chunyu Lin

Stage direction : Min-hsiung Lin

Performance : Chih-wei Lin, Kuo-wei Chang, Chia-hsuan Fan, Chih-hao Huang, Chun-hsiang Chiu, Shih-hui Chiu, Wei-lun Peng, Kuan-ting Chen, yuan-Yang Lo 

Singing : Wei-Hao Huang, Shan-Chun Chuang

Music : Pai-kang Li

Choregraphy : Chia-hsuan Fan, Chih-hao Huang, Chun-hsiang Chiu, Chen-ju Lin, Yu-che Lai

Scenography : Anne Chang, Jessie Lu, Chun-an Hsieh

Lights : Ping-hung Lai

Video : Keyframe Visualart Studio

Costumes : Ming-tse Chen

Managment : Chih-hao Huang, Kuan-ting Chen

Administration : Yu-Wen Chang

Infos : http://www.twmix.com/tw


Production : Chih-Wei Lin