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Remix Hsu Yen-ling X Sylvia Plath


Théâtre Louis Jouvet de Rethel

14 Mar. 2011

  • 20H30

15 Mar. 2011

  • 20H30
Théâtre de La Madeleine de Troyes

17 Mar. 2011

  • 19H30
Le Nouveau Relax de Chaumont

22 Mar. 2011

  • 20H30

Chou Man-nung | Baboo

Remix Hsu Yen-ling X Sylvia Plath


Sylvia Plath or the art of dying : famous for her marriage with poet Ted Hugues, with whom she had a relationship made both of competition and  betrayal, this American poet of the confessionalist movement succumbed to her world-weariness and despondency at age 30, in 1963, after numerous feverish nights during which she conversed with the ghosts from her past in an ultimate quest to find herself.

More than to a tribute, it is to a tragic ode that Taiwanese poet Chou Man-nung invites us here. Through her writing, her aesthetic choices and her interpretation, this show endowed with a pristine quality is one of the founding pieces of the young contemporary Taiwanese stage.


Script : Chou Man-nung

Translation and subtitles : Sun Ping et Jean-Philippe Mazzia

Stage direction : Baboo

Choreography : Chou Shu-yi

Performance : Hsu Yen-ling

Music : Chen Chien-hi

Video : Chou Tung-yen

Lights : Huang No-hsing

Tour manager and interpreter : Sun Ping

Infos http://www.swsg95.com.tw/


Production : Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group

With the support of : Taiwanese Ministry of Culture, Réseau A l’Est du nouveau, ORCCA – Région Champagne Ardenne

Acknowledgements : Centre Culturel de Taïwan à Paris.

  • Crédit Jean-Philippe Mazzia
  • Crédit Jean-Philippe Mazzia
  • Crédit Jean-Philippe Mazzia