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Fleurs de cimetière


25 Mar. 2013

  • 17H45

Myriam Herve-Gil | Dominique Wittorski

Fleurs de cimetière


“It sucked to be twenty. Yes it sucked. But it was perfect. There it is. The ideal tense of the past, the pluperfect : the more than perfect. Didn’t make this up. The future’s simple, and the past, « more than perfect ».   Except if you’re a man.”
Dominique Wittorski

Under different skies, old age is synonymous with wisdom. In the wes­tern world, a land that denies death, it means decrepitude. Especially for women. This show is an encounter between women: dancers, choreogra­phers, actresses. They met in the 80s, lost contact and met again a few years later... Now is the time to raise a few questions, and to listen more attentively to this body that changes, a living memory which is trans­forming and has so much more to tell. These fifty years may have gone unnoticed, but are always noteworthy. If not, what would be the point of ageing?


Choreography and stage direction : Myriam Herve-Gil

Script : Dominique Wittorski

Translation in Mandarin : Liu Fang

Performance : Pascale Degli-Esposti, Myriam Herve-Gil, Michala Marcus, Marie-Pierre Scoliège, Fransoise Simon, Edwige Wood

Lights composition : Marie-Hélène Pinon

Lights : Catherine Ngomanga

Sound : Patrick Müller

Sound operator : Laure Renoud

Tour administrator and interpret : Liu Fang et Wang Jing.


Coproduction : Compagnie Herve-Gil, Théâtre Louis Jouvet de Rethel – Scène conventionnée des Ardennes, UARTS - Université des Arts de Philadelphie

With the support of : Ministère de la Culture - Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles de Champagne-Ardenne, Conseil Régional de Champagne-Ardenne – ORCCA

Acknowledgments : Centre National de la Danse de Pantin, ARCAL, Maison du développement culturel de Gennevilliers.

  • Crédit Jean Gros Abadie
  • Crédit Théâtre National de Chine
  • Crédit Christine Barbey
  • Crédit Théâtre National de Chine