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The Charm from Taiwan


Le Théâtre d'Auxerre

20 Mar. 2013

  • 20H30
Théâtre Municipal de Sens

22 Mar. 2013

  • 20H30
Manège de Givet

26 Mar. 2013

  • 14H30
Théâtre Louis Jouvet de Rethel

28 Mar. 2013

  • 20H30
MJC Calonne de Sedan

30 Mar. 2013

  • 20H30
ABC de Dijon

03 Apr. 2013

  • 20H30
Théâtre Jean Vilar de Revin

05 Apr. 2013

  • 20H30

Ten Drum Art Percussion Group

The Charm from Taiwan


Since its creation, Ten Drum Art Percussion Group keeps alive and renews the great Taiwanese tradition of percussions. After a first album, Drum Music Land, nominated in the Grammy Awards 2009 in the category Traditional music from the world, this ensemble from Tainan, the old capital city located in the South of the country, offers during each performance a complete show, mingling music with singing and physical theatre and martial arts. In a succession of sonorous scenes, the musicians present an everyday life at the root of the Taiwanese population, with a rhythmical strength and virtuosity. An enchanting journey into the heart of the nature and culture of this island that was named by Portuguese sailors “Ilha Formosa”: Beautiful Island. Following the incredible success of their 2012 Spring Tour, these talented percussionists are back in Europe. A must-see! 


Artistic direction and composition : Shih Hsieh

Interpreting :  Chiang Chien-hsing, Chen Meng-hsuan, Kuo Chih-ting, Yang Nien-hsin, Hsieh Hsin-yu, Lu Tai-ying, Su Yu-hsien, Hsieh Chia-ming, Sun Cheng-hsueh

Lights : Wei Li-ting

Sound : Wang Chiang-shun

Tour administrator and interpretor : Chang Hsin-yi

Infos http://www.ten-hsieh.com.tw


Production : Ten Drum Art Percussion Group

With the support of : Ministère de la culture de Taïwan

Acknowledgements: Centre culturel de Taïwan à Paris.

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  • Ten Drum Art Percussion Group au Théâtre de Sens - 22 mars 2013
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