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Théâtre de La Madeleine de Troyes

27 Nov. 2012

  • 20H30
Le Théâtre d'Auxerre

29 Nov. 2012

  • 20H30

Eugène Ionesco | Alain Timar



Fantastic was the idea of Alain Timar to transpose Rhinoceros into the world of a firm, with nine comedians and a percussionist, all Korean, thus giving a boost to this major work of art of the theatre of the absurd. Setting this play in an Asian context marked by a wild economic liberalism brings a new postmodern dimension to it, which fits both Ionesco and our time. In a world devoured by a contagious illness, everyone is suffering from “rhinocerite”, except Bérenger, the man who prefers to cultivate his own humanism rather than to succumb to the ambient conformism. This ultimate resistant has become aware of the danger and is trying to react by putting forward the values of friendship, the social bon, love…

In Ionesco, the mental, ideological, furiously contagious sickness is totalitarianism. Here it takes the shape of triumphing capitalism. No mask, no chipboard rhinoceros, but a slow descent into the depths of humanity that slowly fades away to leave only this bestiality that characterizes our era of unrestrained “globalization”. The stage direction, through a skilful game of mirrors, always reflects our own images. Are we too suffering from “rhinocerite”? Are we resisting? If yes, to what extent? Timar sheds a new, striking light on our contradictions and on these little things that make us either Man, or Beast, regardless of the era. 


Text : Eugène Ionesco

Stage direction and scenography : Alain Timar

Performance : Park Joon, Zinhwi Kang, Ji Choon-sung, Jungwha Choi, Lee Ji-hyun, Yim So-young, Park Bo-mi, Ma Du-young, Kim Ha-jun

Music : Choi Young-suk

Lights and sounds : Alain Timar et Hugues Le Chevrel

Costumesand make-up : Lee Dong-sook

Interpreting and subtitles: Han Sohee.


Coproduction : Théâtre des Halles, Seoul Performing Arts Festival, AnSan Arts Center

With the support of : Ministère de la culture et de la communication - DRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Conseil Régional Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Conseil Général du Vaucluse, Ville d'Avignon, Arts Council Korea

Acknowledgements : Centre Culturel Coréen de Paris.

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