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The Mother


MJC Calonne de Sedan

08 Mar. 2013

  • 20H30
Le Nouveau Relax de Chaumont

04 Apr. 2013

  • 20H30
Le Théâtre d'Auxerre

16 May. 2013

  • 20H30

Oh T'ae Sôk | Shin Meran

The Mother


Òmi (The Mother), is the hallucinating tale of a mother whose destitute and exhausting job (free-diving fisherwoman hunting for abalone shells) prevented her from taking care of her son, who left for military service and was just executed for assault against a superior. Since he did not “die well”, his soul will come back and haunt the world of the living, unless his mother finds the soul of a recently deceased virgin and organizes a posthumous shamanic wedding ceremony, necessary to set things right and reestablish the natural order.

Expressed through the harsh and often comical style of great contemporary playwright Oh T’ae-sôk, the revolt of this Mother Courage reaches mythical dimensions. It reveals the desire of the generation of the 70s to reinvent a stagecraft deeply rooted in traditional Korean culture, steeped in shamanism and epic poetry, to denounce the torments of the Korean identity that dramatically entered a crisis after the civil war and the schism of the country.

Created in 1982, this monologue is regularly played by the greatest Koran actresses. For the first time it will be performed in French: Shin Meran insisted on this breath that carries this feminine speech, bringing the woman deep inside her “han”, this terrible feeling of the suffering of life - and this feeling is not only Korean, but universal.


Script : O T’ae Sök

Translation : Han Yu-mi and Hervé Péjaudier

Stage direction : Shin Meran

Performance : Elisabeth Moreau (actress), Hsu Hai-wen (dancer)

Cello : Raphaële Murer

Choreography : Choe Woosung

Scenography : Kim Nayoung

Lights : Aurélien Huguenin

Video : Hwang Sewon

Costumes : Kim Hyun-seung et Choi Woosung


Coproduction : Compagnie IFS, Théâtre Louis Jouvet de Rethel – Scène conventionnée des Ardennes, Nouveau Relax – Scène conventionnée de Chaumont

With the support of : Réseau A l’Est du nouveau, Centre culturel coréen à Paris, Théâtre du Soleil

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