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Season 2014-15

The world is a village, we are told.
But do we really know our neighbours?

Founded during season 2010-2011 by Le Théâtre Louis Jouvet de Rethel-Scène conventionnée des Ardennes, the network À l'Est du nouveau aims to introduce the live performing arts of cultures around the world to the public of Champagne Ardennes and the neighbouring regions.

Operating on a participative mode, we work to organize each season crossed diffusions, creations of residences, and outreach work, which allows the public as well as artists to open up to a cultural dialogue, urgently needed nowadays in a – too often unwanted and misunderstood – globalized world.

    • © Jean Loup Bertheau
    • © Denis Rion
    • © Loki Tsai

This season

8 theatres / 5 shows /
12 performances